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For the owner of a British Shorthair kitten.
Here you can find information that will be useful to you. Don't neglect this knowledge; it will help you be a responsible owner of your little kitten.

Cat Food

Growing kittens need cat food specially formulated for their developmental stage — the “kitten” or growth life stage. Kittens need certain nutrients to grow strong bones and muscles, feed their developing brains, and build their immune systems without overdoing the calorie count.


Litter Box



Bringing a new pet into your family
involves a long-term commitment
of time, energy, and money. Buying
your kitten from a responsible breeder is
one step in getting off to the best
possible start with your new family


Cat Carrier

Don’t forget a solid, comfortable cat carrier, too. Your kitten will spend a good deal of time shuttling back and forth to the vet during those first few months. Make the trip pleasant by investing in a well-ventilated, easy-to-open, and close, secure carrier with padding inside. Your cat — and your vet — will thank you.


Cat Toys

Cats are naturally inquisitive, and a basket of cat toys will give them something to keep them occupied while sparing your shoelaces and calves from the ministrations of a bored kitten. Toys with feathers, crunchy fillings, and catnip are very popular. Try a few different types to see which kind your cat prefers. And don’t forget to get a scratching post or two — scratching is normal cat behavior, and training your cat to use a post early in life can spare your furniture down the road.


Veterinarian Contact Info


How to socialize your kitten?

Getting the relationship with your cat right is always a challenge, and being sympathetic to its particular emotional requirements as an individual is a key to stress-free living. A confident, the social cat will always want more attention than a timid one or one who doesn’t have the appropriate socialization as a kitten. Allowing your cat to initiate contact with you is probably the easiest way to establish the desired quality and quantity of affection.

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