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   Cat Collar

cat collar, meanwhile, can hold ID tags but should not be attached to a leash. In most cases, a collar that expands is the safest for inquisitive cats to prevent accidental strangulation.


Cats crave comfortable and secure snoozing spots. While a cat bed isn’t considered a necessity, most cats love having a soft space all their own. In addition to the standard pillow-like cat bed, there are elevated cat beds and cat beds integrated with cat trees to satisfy the feline’s natural desire for using vertical space.

  Cat Leash/Harness

Yes, cats can be trained to walk outside on a leash and harness. In fact, many find this a wonderful way for a young kitten to explore the outdoors in a safe manner. Of course, it's ultimately up to you.

  Cat Carrier

Don’t forget a solid, comfortable cat carrier, too. Your kitten will spend a good deal of time shuttling back and forth to the vet during those first few months. Make the trip pleasant by investing in a well-ventilated, easy-to-open, and close, secure carrier with padding inside. Your cat — and your vet — will thank you.

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