We prefer you to come and pick up your kitten
or we can give you the information of some licensed couriers.

We prefer you to come and pick up your kitten
or we can give you the information of some licensed couriers.

Shipping, Pick up, and Delivery
We love it when you can come to meet the kitten, see our cattery and then come back to pick them up. But we are all humans and we do understand that sometimes it's just impossible due to personal reasons, how busy you are or most of the time due to the distance. That is why we work with every person individually. Just let us know what is more comfortable for you and how would you like to do it. Shipping: we are using United Airlines. They have a special program
Pet Safe, which we think is very comfortable for kittens. The price is about $450.00-800.00 within the continental United States. If the amount is less, we will refund your money.
(including the airfare for the kitten, cage, required bedding, and all required paperwork, health certificate for the Airline, vaccination) 
 We deliver kittens worldwide, the price is upon request.
You will need to bring your ID or Driver's License with you. The name on the health certificate and paperwork must be as on your ID or Driver's License so make sure you provide us with the correct person's information who will pick up the kitten.
Rules of all Airlines of the world are different, our kittens can fly only after 12 weeks old (3 months old).
Airline Summer Heat Embargo
Pets flying in the cargo hold will not be accepted by most airlines when the current or forecasted temperature at the arrival, layover or departure airport is above 80°F (28°C) at any location on the itinerary.
Many airports in areas historically seeing high temperatures in the summer such as
Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida ... will be banned by many airlines for all summer months.

If you decide to have a Kitten shipped to you, we will need the following information:

1. Your full name, that you have I.D. for, you will need to show this at the airport cargo desk when you pick up your Kitten

2. The full name of someone else who also has I.D., as a "backup" person for pickup, so they can pick up your Kitten, if, in case of an emergency you are unable.

3. Your physical address, cannot be a post office box

4. Phone numbers that you can easily be reached at, preferably at least two numbers.

5. The name of the COUNTY that you live in

6. The name of the airport that you prefer your Kitten to arrive at, and the name of an optional airport


Otherwise, you are welcome to come to pick up your new baby:)

We are located in Roseburg Oregon 

Fwy I5 Exit 125.

After you have made a deposit for your kitten, you are welcome to  visit our cattery. If you have not paid the deposit, we will be happy to show you our kittens by FACETIME
Just email us!

After you have made a choice, and a deposit is placed with us, you will be able to visit your kitten, only under the schedule, we set forth during their first 10 weeks, before going to their new home. Visitation will be around 9 weeks of age. Please note that we are extremely busy so we ask that you come on the day we have set out, it is too difficult to always set different visitation dates. WE TRY TO GIVE ENOUGH NOTICE SO YOU CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS THANK YOU. We reserve the right to change any times or dates due to any unforeseen circumstance that might arise. If this should happen, we will do our best to reschedule and accommodate anyone affected to the best of our ability. When visiting, we ask that only a maximum of two people be allowed to see the kitten at one time. This will reduce the stress that the queen and kittens may be under, during the visits. Please remember that there are other families visiting at different times the same day and may cause extra stress on the cats and kittens. 

Until their first shots are given at 8-9 weeks of age we will also ask that you use our hand sanitize prior to handling our kittens, to help eliminate any possible virus or disease from outside our home that may enter our home, possibly making them seriously ill. If you wish to use soap and water, we will have our facilities set up for you to do so. When visiting, please understand that these are precious little kittens. They are not toys and we expect that if anyone is planning on bringing their child over to visit with the kittens, we need to please help teach them about being respectful of the kittens and all other areas of our home. 
No abuse or rough play will be tolerated under any circumstance.

Visiting times are set for 1 hour per visit. We want to ensure all visitors get the “one on one” time they deserve, with their new kitten. So please remember there may be others waiting to visit their kitten that same day. Of course, we want you to enjoy the playtime you have with your kitten, but please be mindful of your time, for the sake of other visitors. Please make sure you show up on time or your length of stay will be shortened.

For those who can't come, don't worry, we will do our best to provide several short videos of your chosen kitten once a week so that you can see their progress.