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Hello, my name is Floki
Adoption fee $700

 DOB 11/17/2017

The gorgeous adult cat Floki (Fargo) is available for adoption. He is neutered, healthy, and has passed DNA tests. Floki is an affectionate British Shorthair who enjoys being near you and walking on his catio (patio). He enjoys being petted and groomed and consistently uses his litter box and scratching post. He can only live with one spayed,  calm, and kind female cat; he cannot live with dogs. If you live far from us, you must hire a courier or come. A video call is always available, or you can come to our cattery to meet Floki.

We know Floki's character, and we want you to have no problems and Floki to be happy.
1. Floki cannot live with a dog, even if your dog is small and very kind. Floki can live with another fixed cat; this is even a preference.
2. You must accept the character of Floki; he will not sit on your lap like any other British Shorthair cat; he will be next to you.
3. He will need more time to get used to you because he is an adult cat.
4. You should carefully consider the purchase since Floki is looking for his forever ho
me, and adoption fees are non-refundable. You take full responsibility for Floki's health

Floki participated in many shows; he has many awards and high titles. Floki meets the high breed standard of the British Shorthair. You can see his titles here.

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