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Beautiful adult cats
Adaptation requirements

1. Our cats have no experience living with dogs. To avoid problems, you should not have dogs, even if your dog is tiny and very kind.
2. Our adult girl can live with a calm, non-aggressive cat.
3. We are looking for a forever home for our female cat. You should seriously consider purchasing this cat; there are no refunds.
Our healthier cats have DNA tests. And tests from our veterinarian after sterilization.
4. To keep your cat healthy and happy, provide high-quality food, take it for an annual veterinary checkup, and shower it with love.
5. We prefer you come to us to get to know our cat first and then make an adoption decision. We do not transport our cats by cargo; you must come in person or hire a courier.
Video calls are always available!

Eris Million Reasons*PL/FI

Date of Birth: 11/24/2022
This cute male cat was brought from Poland.
We named him Isaac.
Isaac was neutered on May 17th and will soon be ready to go to a new home. He is healthy and has full vaccinations.
FLV, FIV, PKD, HW- negative.
DNA tests - clear
Isaac is not a big cat; he weighs just over 8 pounds. He will grow and reach 10 -12 pounds.
He is an affectionate and very calm cat. He is the only cat in our cattery who is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. :)! He won't sit on your lap. You will need to earn his trust. He also doesn't like being held for a long time. You must be patient so that Isaac trusts and allows you to do this. He will always come to you and ask for your attention.
We don't know how he can live with small dogs, but it will be easy for him with other cats.

We are looking for a forever home for this sweet little boy.
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