You can get the best cat at an affordable price! It will be much cheaper than a kitten. But you should also take into account our wishes.

All our adult cats for adoption have DNA tests and microchips. They are regularly vaccinated and examined by our veterinarian.

You must come in person to us and pick up 

Cargo United Airlines delivery to any city  US  

1/Health certificate $100-150 (10 days valid)
2/  Plane ticket $ 360-400
3/ Carrier $ 50 
4/ Delivery to the airport $ 250 

Amber Shining Blue

Name: Amber
Date of Birth: 01/07/2018
Color and Markings: Blue
Delivery to any city in the USA $1200 is included.
free pick up


MAX  Arden

Date of Birth: 04/13/2016
Color and Markings: Blue
Breed: British Shorthair 
Registration on TICA 
$ 700
Reserve for Heidi

Max is a calm, lazy young cat! He is a handsome man and he knows this. Has a perfect personality. Wonderful blue coat! Big cheeks and brightly colored eyes.

The average size. Ready to live in a family with no dogs. Will be available in early summer.