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All our adult cats for adoption have DNA tests and microchips. They are regularly vaccinated and examined by our veterinarian.


Shining Blue Filisi Fi-Fi 

Name: FiFi

Date of Birth: 03/05/2019
Color and Markings: Blue
Breed: British Shorthair 
Registration on TICA 
FLV, FIV, PKD - negative

FIFI - Alpha:) 2,5 yr old
She is a very smart girl, she is the main female cat in our cattery.
We are looking for a new home for her where there will be no other pets.
FiFi is very active, she loves to play, a bit snob like any other British Shorthair cat, she is not a simple thing. She loves people and is very affectionate with them ...
She prefers raw meat diet, wet and dry Premium Class food.
It will be available after sterilization around September. FiFi has a damaged tear duct, it is not dangerous for her life, and it does not require special care. This is an acquired, not hostile trauma.

You must come to us in person and pick up the FiFi. If you live in another state and cannot pick it up in person, you need to hire a licensed courier.